Course Overview

The Online Level 3 Basic theory training gives the student a general familiarity of NDT methods. The student is expected to have a good foundation of knowledge in NDT and the training course is used to supplement this knowledge. There will be a significant amount of reading around the topic to undertake this qualification and it is the responsibility of the student to acquire knowledge beyond the technical scope of any specific NDT method.

Candidates complete their theory training online using our online training platform. Upon completion, to gain the Level 3 basic certification, students must complete their examinations at a PCN approved training school, such as Lavender International NDT UK or USA.


\( \textsf {Course Structure}\)

The Level 3 Basic theory training covers the PCN general documentation and a number of the methods outlined below as required, determined by the level of work experience and current qualifications of the student. The content for each method is broken down into modules, incorporating illustrations, videos, animations and end of module assessments alongside the written content.

Choice of methods as part of the Level 3 Basic:

  • PCN General
  • Product Technology
  • Visual Testing
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing


\( \textsf {Duration and cost}\)

Students will have access to the online training platform for 1 year to complete the course.

As the course is tailored to the individual training needs, prices will vary dependent upon their work experience and qualifications. Please click on the sign up now below and follow the application process to receive an estimated cost for your course.


\( \textsf {Benefits of learning online}\)

  • Flexible learning – Learn at a time that suits you, having 24/7 access to course materials. All you need is internet connection
  • Quality technical content – Developed by experienced tutors who have a vast array of NDT industry knowledge and experience
  • Training content suited to a wide range of learning styles – Helping the student to gain a better understanding of the technical concepts
  • Access to tutor support

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