What is HTHA?

HTHA or High Temperature Hydrogen Attack is damage caused through hydrogen atoms diffusing into steels that are exposed to high pressure hydrogen at elevated temperatures, typically above 400°C. The hydrogen reacts with the carbon and forms methane gas within the steel.  This process leads to fissuring and decarburization causing loss of tensile strength and can be the cause of a sudden catastrophic failure.

Our advanced HTHA detection and sizing course is designed to educate Advanced UT inspectors in methodologies and techniques to more reliably detect HTHA. This course is founded on extensive work and experience gained during industrial trials as part of the E2G HTHA JIP. Lavender International are custodians of the extensive E2G sample inventory and this will be used for HTHA training and certification purposes.




5 day course including end of course exam $3,250

Course Content:
The level 2 advanced course will address the following issues;

  • The course will contain in depth training on advanced UT applications, fine tuning of equipment parameters and data acquisition from a variety of thickness and states of material degradation.
  • Data analysis will consist of many forms of raw ultrasonic data including TOFD, PAUT and backscatter data.
  • Velocity ratio, attenuation and frequency analysis will also be addressed.
  • Damage mechanisms of HTHA ranging from colonies of microscopic damage though to through wall cracks will be experienced.
  • Characterization of material degradation is a critical part of this course. Sources of false positives will be discussed, material inclusions, stepwise HICC damage and weld back cladding issues are also included.

The course will involve hands on testing as well as theoretical approach and offline data analysis tutorials.

Trainees should ideally hold Level 2 TOFD and PAUT certification.

Lavender International do not generally perform site inspections. We do however provide company support by assisting in fine tuning inspection set-ups and overseeing data analysis, and where necessary support specialist applications. Please contact our USA  Office Manager, Michelle Chapman, for more information.

Jan 29 – Feb 2 2018 Houston, USA

HTHA Detection and Sizing courses are currently only available at our Houston, TX training centre but there are plans in place to introduce HTHA training to our UK training operation in the near future.

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Scientific Calculator
Safety Boots
Overalls/Lab Coat
Tape Measure

All other equipment and training materials are provided by Lavender International.
Protective gloves, protective eye glasses and plastic aprons are also available for the use of students.

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