Recertification is the procedure for revalidation of a certificate by examination conducted at a registered AQB. Lavender International training centres around the world offer this service on a weekly basis.

Duration: 1 day (1/2 day refresher training & examination)
Locations: UK – Penistone & USA – Houston 

The period of validity of the certification is normally five years from the date of certification, and the expiry date is indicated on the certificate and/or wallet card.

From 1 January 2017, all recertification exams must be taken no later than six weeks prior to the expiry date of the certificate. Recertification results notices will be issued from the previous expiry date and will expire five years minus a day from the original expiry date, unless a late or deferred application has been received. If the results notice is received after the expiry date, regardless of the exam being taken before the expiry date, a late application will be required and further fees will be incurred before certification is issued by PCN. Recertification exams can be booked within the six weeks prior to the expiry date, however, the candidate shall then apply for late renewal and will incur the fee for the application (PSL28).

Where success in the recertification procedure occurs within the 90 days prior to expiry of the certificate, the new certificate will expire five years after the expiry date of the certificate being revalidated. If the renewal or recertification procedure is completed prior to 90 days before expiry, the new certificate will be valid for five years from the completion of that renewal or recertification procedure.

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to initiate the procedure required for renewal. The renewal application shall be presented within the six months before the date of expiration of the certification. To ensure continuity of certification, applicants are advised to ensure that their application reaches the Certification Records Office not later than 4 weeks before expiry.

In the event that a certificate has expired, for PCN holders you may apply for late renewal up to 12 months after the date of expiry (and no later) using PCN form PSL/28 obtainable from BINDT. PSL/28 may also be used by individuals who recognise in advance that, for whatever reason, they will be unable to submit their application for renewal by the expiry date, in which case they may apply on PSL/28 for deferred renewal. It is emphasised that acceptance of an application for late or deferred renewal/recertification does not extend the validity of the PCN certificate concerned.

Holders of PCN radiography certification at all levels will be required to be in possession of valid PCN basic radiation safety or radiological protection certification (or alternative national radiation safety certification where the certificate holder concerned is engaged in radiography exclusively outside of the United Kingdom) to maintain the validity of the radiography certificate.

Holders of Employer Based Schemes such as SNT-TC-1A, recertification renewals will be determined within the written practice. 

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