Lavender International is partnered with Welding Inspection Services (WIS) in Ireland, offering NDT training and recertification examinations at a new training facility in Newcastle West, Ireland.

WIS is a leader in providing NDT Services in a range of comprehensive NDT methods to the engineering and construction industry. WIS has invested in a state-of-the-art training facility that has been fully equipped with a dark room, an automatic processor for film development, Magnetic bench units, Penetrant inspection equipment and new application stations.

This collaboration with WIS means Lavender can offer PCN Level 1 and 2 initial courses in RT, RI, ET, MT, PT, VT and UT. In addition, students can achieve PCN recertification with refresher training in MT, PT, VT, ET Welds, RI, BRS, UT Plate and Pipe and UT Plate Tester.

Tutors recently taught Level 2 MT, VT, RT and PT courses at the new training facilities based at WIS in Ireland.

The next courses will be from:

  • PCN Level 2 Eddy Current (Welds only) course from 5 – 16 December, 2022
  • PCN Level 2 Visual Testing course from 12 – 16 December, 2022
  • Recertification exams in RI or BRS 19 – 22 December, 2022.
 2023 Course Dates
UT Plate Tester, Level 2 (PCN) 23 – 27 January  
Weld Inspector, Level 2 (PCN) 16 – 21 January 
MT/PT/VT Recertification 30 Jan – 3 Feb, 27 Mar – 7 Apr
RT Welds, Level 2 (PCN) 27 Feb – 17 Mar
MT, Level 2 (PCN) 13 – 17 February 
PT, Level 2 (PCN) 13 – 17 February 
UT Welds and/or Wrought Product, Level 2 (PCN) 27 Mar – 17  Apr
VT, Level 2 (PCN) 3 – 7 Apr

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Welding Inspection Services Ltd.,
Unit 6, Block D,
Desmond Business Park,
Newcastle West,
Co. Limerick,
V42 XD62

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