Lavender International have an ultrasonic course available for testing Spot Welds.  Over the years this has been developed specifically for vehicle manufacturing companies and is carried out on site.

The Course is created around the Employer based Certification Programme SNT.TC.1A and each Company is offered assistance with a Written Practice detailing how the Training, Examination and Certification process works for the Ultrasonic Testing of Spot Weld Inspection.

The Course is available first for Level 1 (40 hours) and then to Level 2 (a further 40 hours) and the outline is as follows:

  • Theoretical principles of ultrasonic testing
  • Beam geometry
  • Modes of wave propagation
  • Why sound waves are reflected and refracted
  • Understanding of fundamentals that control reliable results
  • Modes of Spot Weld Failure and ultrasonic signatures on 2 plate welds
  • Correct use of your own choice of flaw detector instrument
  • Selection of Transducers
  • Practical hands on Calibration & Spot Weld Testing

Training & examinations conducted on-site: 4 days training with specific components to your factory and an exam on the 5th day.

If you would like any further information on our Ultrasonic Testing of Spot Welds, please do not hesitate to contact Lavender International by any of the options below.

Jayne Oliver or Claire Roberts
01226 760706 or

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