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We now offer PCN and AINDT approved Accelerated practical work experience for MT, PT, VT, ET, UT and RT.

Candidates who have successfully completed a PCN or AINDT Level 2 course and exam in the above methods, but do not have the work experience necessary for Certification are eligible for the new accelerated practical work experience programme initiative from Lavender International.

Under a Procedure approved by PCN and in accordance with EN ISO 9712 a candidate can attend a Lavender accelerated work experience programme and claim 50% of the total work experience requirement.

To claim 50% of the work experience for MT, PT & VT a candidate must attend a 9 day work experience programme.  For ET, UT & RT a candidate must attend a 27 day work experience programme.  These programmes can be conducted in one block or in individual days.  The remaining time must be gained under the candidate’s usual industrial environment with appropriate supervision.

This programme is now available at our UK and Australian facilities:

Penistone: Anytime
Perth: TBA

For further information or to book your place, contact us today

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