What is Ultrasonic Testing?

Ultrasonic is a high frequency of sound pulses that are emitted from a transducer above a sample. The sound waves propagate through the sample, and reflect at interfaces. The reflected waves are monitored using a detector above the sample. The thickness of the sample, and the depth and type of flaw can be ascertained using this method. The method can be applied to most materials if sound transmission is good. Quick high sensitive results are obtained.

What are the responsibilities of a individual who is certified to Ultrasonic Level 2?

An individual certified to Ultrasonic Level 2 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT according to Ultrasonic Testing procedures. Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 2 personnel may be authorised by the employer to:

  • Select the Ultrasonic technique for the test method to be used;
  • Define the limitations of application of the testing method;
  • Translate NDT codes, standards, specifications and procedures into NDT instructions adapted to the actual working conditions;
  • Set up and verify equipment settings;
  • Perform and supervise tests;
  • Interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards, codes, specifications or procedures;
  • Prepare Ultrasonic written¬†instructions
  • Carry out and supervise all tasks at or below level 2;
  • Provide guidance for personnel at or below level 2, and
  • Report the results of Ultrasonic test

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