Relevant Discontinuities: Ultrasonic Testing


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Relevant Discontinuities: Ultrasonic Testing.  This Ultrasonic Testing (UT) flip-book includes more than 20 inherent, processing and service discontinuities detectable with UP; diagrams include a-b- and c-scans of representative discontinuities.

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Level: Level 2 Course: Ultrasonic Testing Welds Ultrasonic Testing Castings Ultrasonic Testing Wrought Products Ultrasonic Testing Critical Sizing Ultrasonic Testing Plate Tester UTWelds Node UTWelds Nozzle UTWelds Nozzle and Node UTWelds Plate UTWelds Plate and Pipe UTWelds Plate, Pipe and Node UTWelds Plate, Pipe Nozzle and Node UTWelds Plate, Pipe and Nozzle

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