Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Third Edition: Volume 9, Visual Testing


The authoritative reference for visual inspection.
Emphasis on practicality, with information for Level II and Level III inspectors.
Applications including metals, welding, chemical, petroleum, electric power, aerospace.
Scores of illustrations of anomalies.
Diverse information in one place.
Updated standards.
Digital photography and video.
Image processing.
New and authoritative discussion on vision acuity.
Metric units throughout.
Updated references provided for published standards.
New information on: physics of light • photometry • vision acuity exams • proper use of eye charts • digital photography • image processing • machine vision • magnifiers • illumination • surface roughness • calipers and gages • analog and digital video • video connectors • video probe • measuring with borescopes • metal discontinuities at different stages of processing and service life • direct versus indirect techniques.

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Level: Level 2 Level 3 Course: Visual Testing

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