This month, Paul Johnson joined Lavender's Level 3 Services Department.

The department offers consultancy services in all sectors, on-site training and examinations.  The Level 3s are qualified to ASNT, PCN and NAS410/EN4179 requirements.  The consultancy work that is provided to clients by our Level 3s includes: NDT technique approval, writing and approval of NDT procedures, writing and approval of written practices to satisfy prime contractors requirements, conducting of internal NDT audits.

When asked about how he got into the NDT Industry, Paul laughed and said, “Like anyone else – by accident!  I undertook a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in 1987; working as a Trainee Metallurgical Technician, and it all started from there really”.  Paul said that in his spare time he enjoys football, badminton and running – he was even brave enough to do the Tough Mudder both this year and last with our Level 3 Consultant Paul Jones!  Welcome to the team Paul, we wish you all the best.

For more information about our Outside Agency Level 3 Services Department, please click here, or contact us.

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