On the 23rd June, we are supporting International Women in Engineering Day to raise the profile of women in engineering and highlighting the amazing career opportunities in this an exciting sector.

In celebrating the outstanding achievements of women engineers, our very own Radiography tutor, Rebecca is shaping the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) training industry at Lavender International after recently achieving her Level 3 certification in Radiography Welds. Rebecca has been at the company for over 15 years and has worked her way up from her initial introduction to NDT, to becoming a specialist in Radiographic Testing.

Initially, Rebecca never had an interest in science or engineering at school, but as soon as she joined Lavender International, she discovered her passion for all things Radiography. She says with pride “since I’ve started working here, I’m a nerd. An absolute nerd.” As such, her certifications in Radiography Interpretation, Radiography in traditional film, Castings, Computered Radiography, and Eddy Current, means that she will go the extra mile to help a student: “There’s nothing more amazing than watching students grow and leaving the course with so much confidence.” Just as she herself has grown within the industry.

Rebecca’s passion and dedication for all things radioactive has given her classes a unique depth of knowledge. Students attending her courses have ranged from 18 to 78 years old, with people coming from all over the world to attend the Radiography classes. As such, her teaching style allows her to cater to a variety of students; she feels that “everyone has their own unique training technique, but I can be sensitive to how students are feeling and notice quickly if students are stressed or worried before exams. Which means I can tailor my teaching style to create a better supportive learning environment.” This has allowed Rebecca to develop connections with people by being patient, empathetic and having a positive attitude. “NDT is a small community. You think it’s massive, but everybody knows everybody… When you’ve taught a whole family of NDT technicians, it’s crazy.”

Not only does she teach her classes with the highest of skill, but her versatility allows her to create training material, fix machines and involve herself in projects to contribute and build towards the longevity of the business. As a team player, she worked on our recent project setting up a new training partnership in Ireland in collaboration with Welding Inspection Services (WIS). Rebecca created course content and set up specification requirements, and because of her hard work, Rebecca reflects: “The Ireland project was a personal favourite of mine. It’s nice to know that it’s doing well, and I had a hand in it.”

Although gender equality in NDT is still a work in progress, attitudes have improved in Rebecca’s 15 years in the industry. That’s why she is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Group at BINDT, promoting the opportunities and careers in STEM; she believes “it’s really important to let younger females know that you can do well. I’m quite passionate about that, getting young females into industry”. Rebecca is doing everything she can to improve the mindset in the NDT industry through the students she teaches. Looking to the future, she would like to see the NDT industry “more accepting of females. I’d like to see that change.”

“One of the proudest moments of my life… It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.”

Rebecca Roberts, Radiography

Rebecca continues to make a huge difference to the lives of NDT Technicians around the world. Whether that be igniting their passion for Radiography or changing mindset towards women in NDT. Rebecca describes her new Level 3 certification as “one of the proudest moments of my life… It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time”. But we know that it is the latest achievement of many, as she continues to further her career by studying towards new Level 3 certifications.

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