Lavender International is pleased to introduce 3 new starters in 2015.

One member of staff Rob Buckle will be joining our Ultrasonic team based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Technology Centre, Parkway, Sheffield. Eddie Harper is joining our Level 3 Services team based at Unit 8, Penistone, Sheffield and the 3rd new staff member is Sue Bradley who is the latest addition to our Business Services Department and will be one of our Receptionists at the Head Office (Unit 7), Penistone Station, Sheffield.

Each of these new posts will enhance the reputation of Lavender International as each of them brings a wealth of experience to their individual role.

Lavender International continues to grow in both quality and reputation around the world and the addition of these three new staff members will undoubtedly enhance that status.
The Directors and Staff welcome each of them and wish them a long and happy future with the Company.

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