Lavender International recently had the pleasure of visiting UTC Sheffield, a specialist engineering school, to run bespoke NDT short courses for their talented year 10 students. The workshops provided a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating realms of Magnetic Testing, Penetrant Testing, and Ultrasonic Testing.

Although NDT plays a vital role in our daily lives, it remains relatively unknown, especially among the younger generation. To secure the future of this industry, it is imperative to ignite the passion of the next generation and encourage them to consider a rewarding career in engineering. Lavender International has taken up the mission to inspire and highlight the significance of NDT, promoting NDT as a promising career path.

For several years now, Lavender has been collaborating with UTC Sheffield to provide NDT training to aspiring engineering students. In a recent visit, tutors Cameron and Kane, both of whom completed apprenticeships at Lavender International, conducted NDT training sessions, offering the students a glimpse into Magnetic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Penetrant Testing. The year 10 students had the opportunity to try out these methods first-hand, switching between groups to experience the diverse techniques.

The hands-on experience proved to be a hit with the students. Not only did the training empower them to excel in their coursework, but it also unveiled a whole new world of potential career avenues that many were unaware of before.

The visit held a special significance for tutor Cameron (below), who once walked the halls of UTC Sheffield as a student himself. Cameron’s journey to becoming an NDT expert began with a Lavender training day at UTC, where he was first introduced to the NDT industry. After completing an apprenticeship at Lavender International, Cameron is now a full time NDT tutor specialising in Radiography. It is truly a full-circle moment for him to return to the school where he was once taught and now impart his knowledge to a new generation of aspiring engineers.

In addition to the training, the students were also given valuable insights into apprenticeships in NDT, an area where Lavender International proudly holds a new status as a main provider. The students proactively asked questions about NDT careers, displaying a genuine enthusiasm to learn more.

Lavender International is committed to nurturing the future of NDT, and their visit to UTC Sheffield is just one of the many ways they are making a lasting impact. By inspiring and empowering the next generation, they are laying the foundation for a thriving and innovative engineering industry that will shape the world for years to come.

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