At Lavender International we aim to be at the forefront of technology and development in order to continually improve our services. One of our aims is to continually improve our environmental performance seeking new opportunities to become increasing environmental friendly and sustainable.

One of the areas that we aim to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly in is recycling and reducing the amount of paper we use. Paper is used in nearly every process at Lavender International, from training notes and examinations to controlled documents and audits. The first step in reducing the amount of paper we use is being trialled by using tablets to view specifications and controlled documents crucial for certain examinations. This method of reducing paper is being developed with the view to providing the tablets for revision and learning aids. Our Level 3 training and examinations processes are being reviewed with the view to becoming entirely electronic reducing paper use to zero, using state of the art technology to provide students with everything they need at the touch of a button.

Keep posted for future developments, reviews and feedback regarding Lavender International Going Green.

Written by Sam Cunningham (Quality Supervisor)

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