BINDT’s newly agreed certification process with WQ-iC Ltd will ensure PCN certification is acceptable under the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

What does this mean to me?

PCN Certification will be accepted under the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

This means that individuals will still be able to carry out non-destructive tests on permanent joints for pressure equipment in categories III and IV in accordance with section 3.1.3 of schedule 2 under the European PED.

What do I do next?

Current certificate holders:

  • Failure to do so by 30 June will invalidate the approval  [Please note the date extension by PCN as of 26 April 2021]
  • Once validated for EU PED, you will receive automatic recognition to the PED and be visible on the WQ-iC verification page. You will be issued with a certificate showing compliance with PED.
  • EU PED approval will continue until the certificate has expired.
  • To complete the form on the WQ-iC website, click here.

New initial certificates and revalidated certificates:

  • Approval will continue until the certificate has expired
  • PCN will be charging an additional PED Levy of £45 + VAT for each recertification and initial examination for applicable methods and sectors (see table on page 2)
  • This will mean that the total levy costs will now be the following: £123 + VAT (UK) and $185 (USA)
Sectors  Methods 
Pre and in-service
Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Visual Testing
Ultrasonic Testing (including Critical Sizing)
Radiographic Testing & Interpretation
Phased Array
Computed Radiographic Testing & Interpretation

For full information about the new changes, please visit the BINDT website.

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