With the successful awarding of Paul Lavender his ASNT NDT Level 3 Magnetic Particle Testing examination in November 2014 this completes what may just be a unique 3rd generation ASNT NDT Level 3.
Back in 1977 Jack Lavender (John Deryk Lavender 1924-2003) became one of the original ASNT NDT Level 3s when he was grandfathered along with the original group of ASNT Level 3s. His number was FA726 and he was very proud of this position throughout his working life, he became a Fellow of ASNT in 1991.
Following on from this his son David Lavender successfully completed his ASNT NDT Level 3 exams originally by attending an examination programme in Columbus, Ohio, USA, his number then was LM903, which has now become 22226.
Dave continues working at Lavender International as Co-Managing Director, Trainer, Examiner and Consultant and values his ASNT NDT Level 3 Certification very highly.
Dave’s brother, Steve Lavender’s son is Paul Lavender who joined the Company back in 2009 and has worked his way up the ladder covering all the main methods of NDT as a Level 2. In 2014 it was agreed that Paul would sit the ASNT NDT Level 3 exams which were being organised by ASNT’s North Atlantic Section in Stockton on Tees in the UK last November.
Following success in both the Basic exam and the MT method he is now ASNT NDT Level 3 MT 234279. We believe that this may be a first, but look forward to hearing from any other 3rd Generation ASNT NDT Level 3s who may be out there.
Further professional development is planned for Paul and in due course we expect him to progress to other ASNT Level 3 methods.

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