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The Outside Agency Level 3 Department consists of Gary Elliott, Andrew Young, Ian Griffin, Neil Samson, Paul Jones, Ben Smith and Paul Johnson. This team of Level 3s is supported by Jayne Oliver and Claire Roberts.

The Level 3s are qualified to ASNT, PCN and NAS410/EN4179 requirements and have also obtained Prime Contractors approval from such companies as Rolls Royce PLC, Honeywell, Boeing, Airbus, Augusta Westland and BAE Systems.

This department offers consultancy services in all sectors, on-site training and examinations.
The consultancy work that is provided to clients by our Level 3s includes: NDT technique approval, writing and approval of NDT procedures, writing and approval of written practices to satisfy prime contractors requirements, conducting of internal NDT audits. Suppliers who benefit from our Outside Agency Level 3 Services have in place a contract with Lavender International, such that the NDT Level 3 can be nominated to suppliers in order to comply with various prime contractors specifications. A draft contract is available for viewing if you are interested in our Level 3 consultancy work.

Our Outside Agency Level 3 Services Department is accredited by BINDT which is recognised by the UK NANDT Board. All training courses are approved by BINDT.

The on-site training and examinations are also coordinated from this department and are based on the customer’s and prime contractor’s requirements.

Lavender International also offers Consultancy services with regard to companies requiring NDT Nadcap Accreditation.

If you require Lavender International Level 3 Consultancy Services or have any questions about what we can offer please contact Jayne Oliver on 01226 765769 or by e-mail at jayneo@lavender-ndt.com

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