Basic Metallurgy for NDT


These days we describe the stuff of engineering as materials of which metals and alloys form a part. Whilst it is certainly true that materials such as fibre-reinforced plastics and ceramics have opened new and exciting horizons, nevertheless metals, and particularly steels, continue to provide much of the raw material of industry when usefulness and cost are considered together. Thus, a basic understanding of metals and alloys continues to be relevant to understanding the formation and type of defects and the metallurgical problems which non-destructive testing engineers must consider in the practice of their technology. This revised edition contains improvements to the original text which was derived from a series of articles published in The British Journal of Non- Destructive Testing. The work provides a basic understanding of metallurgy for the NDT practitioner. More than 150 pictures and diagrams. Comprehensive index.

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Level: Level 3 Course: Level 3 Basic

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