Roger Picolo attended the two week Magnetic (MT) Work Experience programme.

How did you find your experience?

“It was a great way to gain further experience in the MT field. I feel it was better to gain experience here rather in industry as there was a huge variety of samples to be tested using a number of techniques that I just wouldn’t have been able to do on the job. I have learnt lots from my supervisor and it was great value for money.”

What did you inspect?

“I tested over 60 samples in the short time I was here, looking at welds, castings and forgings from a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, aerospace and nuclear. I tested industry specific components with the bench unit and electromagnetic yoke using both non-fluorescent and fluorescent ink. The samples were great as I was able to see real life samples with and without defects. I was also given the opportunity to compare other NDT methods to MPI which massively helped my knowledge on the subject.

What will you do now?

“I believe that the fast track work experience programme will be very beneficial to me getting a job in the future and I have lots more confidence when using MPI which will help me when I find employment.”

Thank you to Roger for his positive feedback.

Work Experience Open Day

Come along to our FREE Magnetic Accelerated Work Experience day on Tuesday 22nd December, 1 day (8 hours) is the equivalent of approx. 38 hours experience. To book your place email

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