Rebecca is an NDT Tutor at Lavender International NDT and teaches candidates about Radiography: the physics, maths & dangers of it, and how to utilise it as a part of their own jobs. We asked Beckie about her job role and what it is like to work in the NDT Industry.


1.Did you know that working in NDT was the career path that you wanted to follow after school/from a young age?
No I actually didn’t even know it was a thing!  When I was at school, girls were pushed towards hairdressing and childcare – engineering was a boy thing!

2. What was your previous career?
I had started doing hairdressing on a weekend as an apprentice but it wasn’t really for me.

3. How did you first hear about NDT and why did you decide to change career?
I had my first child at a young age and started working part time as a cleaner for Lavender International, while I decided what career I wanted to pursue.  This is when NDT caught my eye and I decided that I wanted to dip my toe into this industry.  When I was 18, I started Training as an NDT Tutor in Radiography and I soon fell in love with the method – I’ve done it ever since!

4. What aspects of your job do you enjoy and find rewarding?
I have had the chance to learn all about a fantastic subject.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student come into my classroom nervous and unsure, helping them to become more confident in their ability, and watch them walk away confident and happy with the service I have provided.  Also, we very rarely see young women involved in Radiography, and the NDT industry as a whole; and so I feel proud to represent the women of this male dominated industry.

5. Have you been involved in/worked on any exciting projects?
I have worked with young adults that are studying engineering and science – encouraging and igniting the next generation of engineers and NDT technicians is just wonderful and so rewarding!

I have also joined the campaign to encourage equality in industry with my co-worker Rachel and we are quite often the face of Lavenders, representing women.

I have been involved with a project for ASNT NATL; where I did a large amount of work taking Radiographic images of interesting objects for young adults to see how exciting the method can be and what it does. I welcome every project and really enjoy promoting NDT.

6. Less than 10% of women work in engineering, and this figure could be less for NDT. Do you ever encounter any difficulties working in an industry that that has predominantly male employees?
All the time!  As a female in a male dominated industry, it can be very harsh and sometimes I am met with unsavoury comments from male technicians.  I feel that it is a very difficult industry to work in and it is not always accepted that a female that can do the same job role as well as a man.  Females do not always have the same opportunities and this is something I strongly disagree with.

7. How do you manage these difficulties both personally and in the workplace?
Personally: In the past, I have shed many tears and wanted to walk away many times.  However, I now accept that there will be judgements and setbacks due to my gender; but I will continue to put all my effort into supporting and promote diversity within NDT.

In the workplace:  I make sure that I look strong!  I have a will of steel and in this industry, you have to be made of steel.

8. Are there any improvements you feel can be made to improve the industry?
I don’t think that I will see many changes in my lifetime; but I do hope that one day there will be more female managers, female Level 3’s etc. in the NDT industry.  I believe that the main area for improvement is people’s attitude towards women working in NDT.

9. A jokey one for you – Have you ever broken a nail?
Absolutely not!! I have lumped large amounts of metal about in my career and I have never broken a nail haha.

A big thank you to Rebecca, who took the time to chat to us!  If you have any questions you would like to ask Rebecca or the team, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help:
T: 01226 765769

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