PCN have announced that from 1st January 2017, all recertification examinations must be taken at least 6 weeks prior to the expiry date.

This in turn means that you should be looking at booking your recertification examination at least 3 months prior to the expiry date on your certificate.  This is really important as there are penalties involved should you NOT be able to take your recertification examination prior to the 6 weeks ahead of the expiry date.

This is a change from current practice which allows recertification up to the expiry date itself.  Why not take the opportunity now to look at your PCN Certificate expiry dates and match them against this Table for your assistance?

Expiry                 Recert Exam Latest Date
March 2017 Mid January 2017
April 2017 Mid February 2017
May 2017 Mid March 2017

If you would like to book your recertification exam now or ask any other PCN related question, please contact us.

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