Lavender International NDT have rolled out new equipment from manufacturers Sonatest and GB Inspections for the Ultrasonic Testing courses internationally. The state-of-the-art UT WAVE sets by Sonatest will be used in conjunction with custom weld kits by GB Inspection Systems, ensuring students are at the forefront of ultrasonic testing.

Sonatest WAVE Sets

Sonatest is the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic inspection equipment globally. With innovative product design, Sonatest products are guided by their values of Simplicity, Capability and Reliability.

Lavender have acquired a fleet of innovative WAVE sets by Sonatest which has a customisable interface with ray-tracing capabilities. The scan plan can reproduce complex geometries such as curved surfaces and T-joints. And with the new WAVE 1.8 update by Sonatest last year, this is the perfect time to learn Ultrasonic Testing with Lavender International.

The touchscreen display boasts an intelligent algorithm which makes the distinction between couplant and finger. It’s the mindful touches that Sonatest have put into designing the WAVE that make a big difference to the user-friendly experience that will empower students to test efficiently and focus on learning integral techniques within the courses.

“I find that they are extremely helpful in terms of helping the students visualise what we are trying to achieve with ultrasonic testing, everything is really intuitive”

–  Kane Wingrove, Ultrasonic Testing Tutor

GB Inspection Systems Weld Probe Kits

GB Inspection Systems have a notable reputation for offering quality products and services that are second to none. Lavender has a long-established working relationship with GB Inspection with over 11 years of collaboration.

To compliment the new UT WAVEs, Lavender International have acquired several sets of GB Inspections weld probe kits (see below) which includes twin crystal, single crystal, 45 degree, 60 degree and 70 degree probes with accompanying cables. These popular and widely used probes, with high sensitivity and excellent resolution, allows technicians to pin-point the defect on the Sonatest WAVE sets to a high degree of accuracy.

The new weld kits will be used globally, from onsite courses in Ireland to the Lavender training facility in Houston, Texas. This enables students to experience and practice on a range of probes, setting students up for their exams and real-world inspections.

Bringing Students to the Forefront of Ultrasonic Testing…

This new investment allows Lavender to offer the most advanced range of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) courses, from UT Welds Node to UT Castings courses at the training school in the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield, UK as well as UT Plate and Pipe at the training school in Houston, USA.  ­

Not to mention, the exciting Accelerated Work Experience Programme at Lavender allows students to practice on a range of specialised equipment in the Work Experience Laboratory – including the Sonatest Wave sets and GB probes – which reduces the students’ required work experience by up to 50% – saving time and money!

With the addition of the new equipment and the support of Lavender’s highly experienced, knowledgeable UT tutors, students attending Lavenders’ courses are well-placed to launch and nurture long and bright careers in NDT.

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