Lavender International are supporting Epilepsy Action. Here is why we are supporting this amazing cause....

My Epilepsy and me by Rebecca Roberts (NDT Level 2 Tutor at Lavender International)

I have suffered with epilepsy for over 7 years now I work full time and I am a single mother to two children I am not seizure free if I have any advice for anyone its do not suffer alone reach out for help be it fellow epilepsy sufferers or nurses or friends don’t suffer in silence.

Throughout all my endeavours with epilepsy I’M STILL HERE it doesn’t matter how much my epilepsy kicks my backside I’M STILL HERE! And I fight back it makes me stronger its turned me from a girl to a woman it’s made me a better role model for my children, it pushes me beyond my limits at work it empowers me, it won’t beat me or define me, I may have epilepsy but my epilepsy does not have me!

#PurpleDay2016 #EpilepsySucks #NoFear

Lavender International will be having ‘Purple Day’ this Friday 18th March 2016.

Check out our Lavender International supports Epilepsy Action bands. Anyone who is visiting Lavender HQ this week can pick one up, all we ask for is a £1 donation.

Epilepsy bands

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