After recent investment in new equipment for ACFM® and testing of tubular products using eddy current arrays, Lavender International continues to upgrade its electromagnetic testing courses by purchasing 8 new Eddy Current MIZ®-21C instruments from Zetec to complement their Eddy Current training.

Part of Eddyfi Technologies, Zetec is a global leader in non-destructive testing solutions for the critical inspection needs of industries including power generation, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, rail and manufacturing.

The MIZ-21C is a user friendly, state of the art and truly portable eddy current array instrument. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for students to create and store multiple inspection techniques for a wide variety of applications. Inspection data can be saved in the ample internal memory or to an external storage device where it can then be transferred to Ultravision ET for thorough analysis and reporting.

With an impeccable signal to noise ratio, the MIZ-21C excels at all applications: bolt holes, rivet holes, corrosion and cracking in multi-layered structures, conductivity and coating thickness measurements, weld inspection and depth sizing.

Compatible with a multitude of latest generation and legacy probes, the MIZ-21C also has array capabilities. This allows inspection times to be reduced by up to 95% and in most cases only a single scan is required to reveal surface discontinuities in all directions. There are many instruments available that have the same capabilities but there are very few, if any, that offer these capabilities in such a user friendly and convenient form factor.

Using the new MIZ-21C from Zetec will bring students to the forefront of eddy current testing, with the ability to cast live scans directly onto the TV for interactive teaching: creating exciting and engaging ways to deliver the course.

Investing in MIZ-21C will allow Lavender students to get hands-on with one of the finest ET instruments on the market today, expanding the learning opportunity to better understand the eddy current method and a wide range of different inspection techniques. With further developments to come, this is an exciting time to expand your knowledge of electromagnetic testing at Lavender International.”

-Andrew Waller, Department Manager for Eddy Current and ACFM.

The next Level 2 Eddy Current Testing course using the latest MIZ-21C will take place at our UK training facility at Penistone, Sheffield on 28 February – 11 March 2022. To book, contact the team today: +44 (0) 1226 765769.

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