Further to continuing enquiries from Australian industry Lavender International, Australia based in Perth will be offering 2 Level 3 exams next year.

All PCN Level 3 examinees must hold the PCN Level 2 and meet both the experience requirement and pass the Basic Level 3 exam before moving onto the Method Level 3 exam. We will be hosting a Basic Level 3 Training and Exam programme from 27th February to 4th March 2016. Following on from this we will be hosting a PCN Level 3 Magnetic Training and Exam programme from 7th -11th March 2016.

The PCN Level 3 exam follows the BS EN ISO 9712 format of:

Part A                   Product Technology
Part B                   PCN Gen – available free from Lavender
Part C                   4 methods Level 2 General Theory 15 questions on each

For the Basic exam, recommended reading would be:

Materials and Processes for NDT
BINDT Handbook Basic Metallurgy
PCN Handbook Product Technology

And for Part C – Question and Answer books; Level 2 Study Guides and Programmed Instruction Training Books

For the PCN Magnetic (MT) Level 3 exam the course comprises:

Part D          General Theory
Part E          Specific Theory
Part F          Procedure Writing

Recommended reading:

Level 3 Study Guide MT
Question & Answer Book MT
NDT Handbook 3rd Edition MT

There are only a few places available and if you are interested and wish to receive a personal training programme, please send your CV and NDT Certificates to nicola@lavender-ndt.com.

Books can be reviewed and purchased at our website www.lavender-ndt.com.

The Courses will take place at our new facility on Victoria Road, Malaga.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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