The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) has announced that its Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) certificates will now be issued electronically.
The launch of electronic certificates (e-certificates) will help to protect the quality and robustness of the PCN scheme whilst also making the issue of certificates a more streamlined and efficient process.

The new e-certificate key features include:
• The PCN holder’s photograph and signature will now appear on the certificate, removing the need for separate ID cards.
• A date, user and time stamp on each certificate printed/saved.
• A statement and reminder of penalties for forgery are included on the certificate to safeguard integrity and increase security of certificates.
• Certificates will include a statement reminding certificate holders that they should always comply with the PCN code of ethics.
• Certificates will also include information and a QR code encouraging verification of PCN certification using the online verification tool or the PCN Verifier app.

When will implementation of e-certificates come into place?
PCN e-certification went live in June 2021. This process will not be retrospective, E-certificates will be issued from June 2021 following new and revalidated certification and/or changes made via the PSL18 reissuing certification/ID card applications and PSL33 verification of ID.

How can I access my e-certificate?
The e-certificates will be issued using digital rights management (DRM) security software. Once the e-certificate is available, the PCN holder will be emailed with instructions to access it. If they are not eligible for e-certification, they will receive a conventional hard-copy certificate.
PCN certificate holders will be able to view their certification on a computer, laptop, or mobile device via a secure password-protected portal.
For certificate holders who do not always have Internet access, certificates can be saved for a period of time so that they can be accessed when not connected.

Who is eligible for e-certificates?
To be eligible for e-certification, PCN certificate holders must ensure PCN has an up-to-date electronic copy of their photo (taken within the past 10 years) and signature.
To submit or update these items, PCN certificate holders must complete the PSL33 form and submit the form to They will be issued with an E-certificate in place of the ID card.

For further information please visit the BINDT website or contact

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