Lavender International have recently collaborated with EddyFi Technologies to provide students the opportunity to use the latest ACFM equipment - the Amigo 2 - on our upcoming ACFM courses.

Eddyfi Technologies offer a range of equipment solutions for ACFM, advanced phased array UT, eddy current array and electromagnetic equipment including instruments, sensors, software and robotic solutions to key engineering industries.

The Amigo 2 has an advanced signal acquisition and processing system able to process data for faster inspections and has a data range that is 14 times better than the original Amigo. This offers smoother, higher resolution indications that increase the detectability of small defects and the coating thickness through which you can inspect.

In the upcoming Level 1 and 2 ACFM course, students will have the chance to use the Amigo 2 to detect and size surface-braking cracks in a variety of metal components through paint and coatings. The course is designed to address the complexities of a wide range of inspection in order to perform and supervise inspections, verify equipment settings, interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards and prepare technicians for the challenges faced in the workplace.

The technique continues to gain recognition in the field of advanced NDT, offering the ability to test equipment without the need for the removal of non-conductive coatings and testing components with a greater coating thickness.

Our next ACFM Level 1 course will run from 26 October – 30 October. We also provide Level 2 direct entry to ACFM from 26 – 6 November, where students can progress straight to Level 2 certification. So far this year, we are delighted that Lavender students have achieved a 100% pass rate across all initial and recertification qualifications in ACFM. Click here to view our course leaflet.

To find out more about our ACFM courses and how we can help you achieve success in your certification, get in touch with our team today on 01226 765769 or email 

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