Radiography Testing Pre-Learning

Level 2

Study the theory elements of our Level 2 Radiography Testing course online, at no additional cost, before attending the full course. Please note this course will also require you to attend our training school.


\(\textsf {Learn now, attend later!}\)

Given the ever-changing global travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise the difficulties of physically attending NDT training courses that some students are facing.  We have developed an online pre-learning training platform for our Level 2 Radiography Testing course that will offer students the ability to study the theory elements of the course online at no additional cost, before attending the course at a later date.


\(\textsf {Why pre-learning?}\)

  • Studying online prior to attending the course will be particularly beneficial to students who are currently unable to travel but would like to commit to a training course and begin their learning
  • Allows students to absorb theory elements of the course before being taught in the classroom, which will improve retentive knowledge and allow for a greater potential of passing the theory parts of the exam first time
  • Provides opportunities to dig deeper into certain topics with the tutor when attending the course for the benefit of making more informed decisions on equipment selection and optimising instrument parameters, resulting in a more well-rounded, highly skilled, certified NDT operator
  • Technical content has been carefully developed by experienced tutors who have a vast array of NDT industry knowledge and experience, helping students to better apply theoretical concepts to practical applications
  • Enhanced learning experience – Access to our theory content, images, graphics, videos, animations and practice questions in addition to the tutor interaction when students attend the classroom training


\(\textsf {How does pre-learning work?}\)

  1. Sign up to our Level 2 Radiography Testing course. You can submit an initial enquiry by clicking the ‘book course’ button below!
  2. Our bookings department will check your eligibility and contact you to provisionally book a course date and take payment for the course
  3. Access to our Level 2 pre-learning platform will be provided upon payment for the level 2 Magnetic Testing course
  4. Attend our UK or USA training school to undertake the full initial Level 2 Radiography Testing course


\(\textsf {Eligibility and Cost}\)

Access to the online content is FREE. The course fee is the same as our standard Level 2 Radiography Testing course fee and there is no additional cost for accessing the content online if you have made a payment for the course.

Students can access the online pre-learning platform for up to 12 months prior to attending the full initial course.

Students must attend the full initial Level 2 Radiography Testing training course at our UK or USA training school in order to complete their PCN Level 2 qualification.

Click here to view our Terms and Conditions in full.

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