26th March 2017 is officially Purple Day – a day dedicated to increasing awareness about Epilepsy worldwide.  Lavender International is supporting Purple Day again this year; however, as the date falls on a Sunday, we will support Purple Day on the Friday 24th March.

We are supporting this amazing cause as our NDT Tutor, Rebecca, has suffered from epilepsy for 8 years now.  Here is what she has to say about it…

“I am a single mother to two children I am not seizure free. If I have any advice for anyone it is to not suffer alone. Reach out for help, be it fellow epilepsy sufferers, nurses or friends – don’t suffer in silence.

Throughout all my endeavours with epilepsy, I AM STILL HERE – it doesn’t matter how much my epilepsy kicks my backside I AM STILL HERE!  I fight back and it makes me stronger, it has turned me from a girl to a woman and it has made me a better role model for my children.  It pushes me beyond my limits at work and it empowers me.  It won’t beat me or define me.   I may have epilepsy, but my epilepsy does not have me!”

If you are visiting Lavender International on Friday and would like to support the event, we will be having a yummy cake sale and wearing purple for the day.  You can also pick up one of our Epilepsy Action bands, all we ask for is a £1 donation.
For more information about Epilepsy visit: https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/

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