Lavender International has a longstanding partnership with the Quality Control Council of Canada (QCCC) National Training Society (NTS) based in Edmonton, Canada. QCCC National Training Society is the leading educational centre offering practical, hands-on training courses and certification in all NDT methods, at their state-of-the-art training facilities.

Our team at Lavender has worked closely with QCCC since 2010. We have built up an established partnership to offer Lavender BINDT PCN training in advanced ultrasonics – including Level 2 Phased Array and ToFD at the QCCC’s modern Edmonton facility. Candidates can also take recertification examinations in PCN Level 2 PA and TOFD. The Edmonton centre offers equipment rental for MX2 as well as transducers probes to support students’ training needs.

Meet the tutors

The courses are taught by a team of expert trainers, who have a wealth of knowledge and industrial NDT experience using advanced technology such as the Olympus MX2 Omniscan. The QCCC instructors have been coached by our very own Lavender employees to offer the highest standard of training.

Curtis Ferguson has had more than 19 years’ experience working within the NDT industry and has been a tutor at QCCC NTS for more than 5 years. He teaches Lavender International’s PCN Level 2 Phased Array courses as well as a variety of other NDT methods. Curtis has a wealth of industry expertise working in the Oil & Gas sector as a senior Level 3 focusing on pipeline in-service, new fabrication pressure vessels and structural.

Steve Robinson, who is the dedicated TOFD trainer at the QCCC NTS, has more than 13 years’ experience working in the NDT industry specialising in oil & gas and infrastructure sector, inspecting pressure vessels, piping and process equipment. Steve has previously worked as a Level 3 and delivers the Lavender International PCN Level 2 ToFD courses.

The ToFD and Phased Array courses are currently scheduled to run four times per year at the QCCC NTS training center in Edmonton. For to latest course schedule, and more information about the QCCC NTS, visit:

All course bookings must be made through QCCC NTS in Canada.

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